Easter is fast approaching. What are you planning to do? Keep eating hot cross buns and Easter eggs or spare a thought for the crucified one? The latter is better.

With prayers



Onam is a Hindu festival celebrated all over the world by people from #Kerala, India. The story behind it is that once a year, #Mahabali, a ruler of that region once upon a time, comes and visits his loyal people. His death was by deception, by pushing him into the underworld. But before leaving, he asked the perrmision to visit his people once a year.

Present day Hindus may not think much about the myth but they enjoy the day with a lavish lunch and dance. Most Onam lunch comprises of three to four course meals with eight to ten dishes, may be more and definitely a dessert called #payasam. Women wear traditional Hindu dress, #settumundu with blouse. A #tigerdance is part of the festival. There is no Onam without a flower carpet in front of the house, #pookkalam

Now comes the Christian comparative. For ages, I thought that the #LastSupper of Jesus was only a piece of bread and a sip of wine. In fact if you remember, Jesus asked His disciples to go to a special place and prepare the #Passovermeal. The Passover meal is a very lavish meal very much like the Onam meal. It also has three to four courses and plenty of servings in the Mediterranean style and wine.

Ironically Mahabali comes back to visit his people enjoying a lavish meal. On the other hand Jesus, after a lavish meal, is sent to the underworld by the then rulers. Perhaps we should think that the Christian festival, Easter is comparable to Onam.

Onam is a festival of happiness and plenitude. Mankind lives not for the day but for eternity. Our path to eternity is a path decorated with flowers of our experiences, some good others not that good.Whether Hindu or Christian, God wants us to enjoy life within the boundaries of our means.

                                                  HAPPY ONAM                           GOD BLESS



                                                                    TEARS MADE IN HEAVEN?

Honestly speaking, 2014, so far has proved itself to be a year of tears for many around the world. A newspaper in #PerthAustralia, published the names of the 239 passengers who lost their lives in the Malaysian Airlines crash. Rightly they gave the article the title, 'Ocean of Tears'. While we humans swim in the ocean of tears, we confront one question, where is tears really made? 

At Christmas, we remember a Joseph and a pregnant Mary, who beg with tears for a room in Bethlehem. We also remember the loud cry of a mother giving birth to a child. At Easter, we remember a Mary who shed tears standing at the foot of the cross, watching her dear son die. The first Good Friday was an ocean of tears as well. Realistically speaking the Christian history from the beginning is a history of tears and not of laughter. These basic facts make us ask questions, real questions. Are we born only to cry?

Recently my family was shaken hearing the loss of a six year old child in the family. Laine, my nephew's daughter was an extra ordinary girl with amazing intellegence and talents. She was the darling of everyone she met. Tragically she was snatched from us, shattering the whole family and many in the city in US where she lived. Her greatness was such, the city dedicated a 'Jesus Christ, the Super Star' show in her name! As a family, we are still in mourning.

In many ways, Christians are a lucky lot because there are many resources available to wipe our tears. The resorces include a belief in after-life in heaven; a union with jesus in a glorious sense; a crown of life, the list goes on. Whatever the belief, when I cry on the train, in the shopping center, or in a market place, my tears are mine only, not yours. Similarly, your tears are yours only, not mine. We live in a fake world. What we present to others is a fake face like the many fake faces we see on social media.

The honey in the flowrs is beneficial for the butterflies. If we consider our tears as our honey within us, it will be beneficial for others around us in a strange way. Our tears make us more human and thus making our lives more beneficial for others around us. May be tears are made in heaven. Yes, our tears are part of the Divine plan. The last cry of Jesus on the cross changed the entire world. Will our tears bring changes to the world as well?

I dedicate this message to the loving memory of Laine.

With love, prayers and tears


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How do I react when my prayers are not answered?
A young child's life taken in a car accident. Do I keep quiet or ask questions?
Does my search lead me to vanity or to eternity?
People rejoice when the sun shines. Where do we go for permanent happiness?
A baby in a pram looks innocent. Is that permanent?
O migratory birds, where do you come from? Wish you came from the Divine presence. :)
Hey, birdie, one question, when my soul migrates, will you fly with me?
I am not on this planet to live for myself. I am here to serve you.
Birds use wings to reach us. Our wing is our soul. Hence I am near you. 
Expecting miracles may make us spiritless. Believing and trusting in the Supreme make us spiritually vibrant.  

where does your strength come from?