Our life is full of dilemmas, some appear all on a sudden, some lurk somewhere waiting for us. Whatever the case, they are out there. There is no escape from them. Some of us are conscious about them some of us are not. Once we fall in its trap, they become a binding factor in our life.

Do we create our own dilemmas? Some times, yes. Oftentimes, they appear without our knowledge. They affect our physical, psychological and spiritual life. Do dilemmas have a positive effect on us? Yes and no, is the answer. Want to know the dilemma i am in now? It's news time here, so should i leave writing this and come back another time to finish it or sacrifice news and finish it? This is only an example, you can find thousands of dilemma situation you fell in your life.

We do have the ability to deal with dilemmas in our life. The Higher wisdom within us has given us the ability to sort things out for our own good and the good of the community. Let us hope that the dilemmas don't stay for ever. Treat them as manures for our mental and spiritual growth. Trust me, even in our death bed, we will be grappling with a dilemma, to go to heaven or to go to hell!

Wish you best. 

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