Recently couple of ladies had a good lol( laugh out loud) when I asked them, 'Has christmas come back?' It is not an understatement if I say, 'Society has made Christmas a touring circus'. Days gone by, a circus in town was a big deal with bands and animals and clowns on parade. Are we treating Christmas like a circus?

Festivals are part of human society and culture regardless of one's religion. It is part of human psyche to celebrate something. Without festivities human life becomes a dull affair. Festivals give humans a chance to forget one's burdens and worries and cooperate with others to enjoy a common theme. This is what makes us human. Do animals and birds have festivals? I haven't asked them yet. 

OK, that much about festivals. What has Jesus got to do with Christmas? Most of us live in an upmarket society. When we move around, we ask one question, do these people have anything to do with Christmas? Many societies have replaced the term 'Christmas' with 'holidays'. In the mad rush of Christmas shopping and holiday planning, we set aside baby Jesus in a cradle to be with baby calves and smelly dung. At the end, what we do in the name of Christmas turns out to be a joke, just another circus:)

Jesus did survive the stable and cradle. He outgrew all the negativities of the then society and became the greatest teacher.  Sadly the society did not allow Jesus to enjoy life. Jesus did not come to this planet to enjoy life anyway. Jesus had a greater mission. Jesus lived to marvel at God's creation and to love and serve humanity. Jesus lived to glorify God in each step He took. Do we marvel at the spirituality within us and glorify God?

Yes, we are also planning to end a year and welcome a new year. There are uncertainties in life but that does not mean we should not hope or wish or plan. Let us consider our hopes wishes and plans as sacrificial lambs and let us present them at God's alter. God will bless our sacrifice and make our life a blessed one. The best is yet to come!

WITH SEASONAL GREETINGS AND PRAYERS.                                                     KARIMPINKALA