At a joined Childbirth class, the husband was asked, how dilated the cervix should be before someone phoned the hospital. The husband replied, 'Mine or my wife's?' He failed in the test:(  (Health Smart, August 2010). It may not be wrong to say that our life is a production line of tests and failures. We go through challenges and tests every day. Some we pass and some we fail. It is not uncommon to hear that his or her faith was tested. Does faith fail or do we fail, which is better to say?

The topic of faith is an intriguing one for me. There was a time I had a deep religious faith. As time went by, my faith faced many challenges. Now my faith is tested every day. As you listen to the radio or watch TV, we come across many millions around the world who through testing times. In fact the media never tells us whether they passed or failed the test. Perhaps some extraordinary event will come out as a life-event in years to come.

The tricky part with faith is that it is not single- faceted. Faith is a multi-faceted thing. We cannot talk about faith in an 'I', 'min' fashion: eg: 'I had this experience', 'I had this vision', etc. Years gone by, I had done this myself. Today, I have a question mark in fornt of them. We sit and listen to speakers' experiences. There is nothing wrong with it. Ath end we, we stand up from our seats asking, 'why it didn't happen to me?' 

Jesus was not fooling us when He said, "If you have faith like a mustard seed, you will move mountains". Jesus showed it in practice. A Peter didn't have a mustard seed faith and he stumbled on water. A Jesus walked straight on water. So, the big queston is, how did Jesus get this 'big' mustard seed in his life? One can say, a crushing experience produces faith. That may be true but there are people who go without receiving the result they expected. 

Let us not be discouraged. Faith has positive sides. Faith can bring people together. Around the world many people belong to different faith-communities. Let us not forget that faith and religion are two different things. Our faith practices can bring about chemical changes within us, which in turn can make us stronger people. Our faith often acts as a secret hidden weapon(shield) against many adversaries in this world. That too is a mystery.

So, at the end, do I blame that husband in my early story? Not at all. A woman's body is so 'complicated', it is a mystery, it is an enigma! In the same way, faith is an enigma, it is a mystery, and it is complicated. If you sincerely ask me, 'which will you hold on to, a woman or the faith?' my honest answer would be 'faith'. There is strength and victory with faith.

With prayers                  GOD BLESS                   KARIMPINKALA 






 Some people take them and some don't. Some throw them in the bin:( Often I had asked, should I continue this work? Does anyone benefit form my work? Does this work benefit me anyway, you know all those silly questions. Unfortunately, there is noone to give me an answer. 
We go to our doctor for an annual check- up which may involve various tests and scans some of them may be embarrassing. do we need a spiritual check-up as well? I think 'yes' to that. Fortunately, ths test is free. No money or no standing in front of machines involved! 

I do the missionary work distributing these messages in an A6 card.
Often, when my faith gets in the strong 'winds' of the 'ocean', I look to one person, St. Thomas, the disciple of Jesus. St. Thomas is believed to have gone to India. He died  a martyr there under the hands of the orthodox Brahmins. 2000 years ago, a person went all the way by sea, to a strange land to witness his Lord there and finally to die there. A good queston is, while on the sea, did St. Thomas do a spiritual check-up? could have:)

A check-up, whether physical or spiritual does not guarantee a positive outcome eternally, if that's what our wishful thinking is. If life is a journey, we come across many things, both internally and externally. Some may be good and some may be bad. Let us not blame our body or our minds for the mishaps in our life. They are innocent 'beings'. They did not do anything wrong for our troubles. To some extent we may be innocent too. I am not trying to say that we are sinless and we can justify our evil acts. 

Jesus and St Thomas confronted the evil ones. We confront the evil ones everyday. If the evil ones have an argument, let us not argue with them. This world will never witness the destruction of evil. Evil is here to stay. Strengthening our positive thoughts gives us the strength to face evil and life in general. After all, we are not alone; the POSITIVE is with us always.

With prayers   God bless    karimpinkala.


The world is preparing to celebrate an important event inthe Christian calendar, viz: Easter. People do differ in their understanding of the meaning of Easter. I have mentioned this before:  a young lady commented, ' O easter, the day Jesus popped out of the grave?" I don't know whether to :) or to :(  We live in a multiintellegent society and that means our understandings vary.

The society in which Jesus lived 2000 years ago was also multicultural and multiintellegent. Staunch religious views and legalism were part of that society. In the midst of that elite group, a young man grew up with humble and simple ideas, often controversial as well. This is where we have to face the truth. Religious orthodoxy or legalistic stance does not compromise with God's own ideas and views.  They travel in parallel lines.

The story of Easter is simple and straightforward. Jesus was never in the good books of the lawmakers and temple authorities of the day. They wanted to put an end to this 'self made king'. Judas offered himself to act as a 'suicide bomber', to use a modern term. The rest is history. Close associates of Jesus and many present day Christians believe Jesus is still alive and will appear again on this earth.

Many people have difficulty to understand the idea of resurrection, me too! In a multiintellegent society like ours, how do we undersand resurection? One thing I am sure, we humans have a higher status than animals. So I am not on this planet like my old dog Rani or my old cat Meena :) They are dead and gone. I am pretty sure that life of Jesus did not end like that of a cat or a dog. This is where I like to introduce the word  'transition'. For Jesus, resurrection was an experience of a transition from an earth Being to the presence of His Father. Let us be cautious of not creatig any images of Jesus in this present state. 

After all, we all are transient beings. One day we all have to go through that 'transition' experience. Meanwhile God expects us to take responsibility for our life and lead an exemplary life in the models created by that Great Master. Any rewards for our religious pursuits? Sometimes I laugh at the word 'reward'. Our experiences with the rest of the humanity are our reward, even though some are harsh. If for all the good things Jesus did, His reward was the cross, why can't I take my harsh experiences as a reward? [ :)  :(  ]