It looks like we are living in a trapped world. We go about doing our own business. But at the end of the day, we end up asking questions. Questions like, why I did this. Did I achieve anything? was it useful to others, the questions go on and on.The answers have hesitation to come out.

Often I ask one question, do I do things for my own satisfaction or is it done  to please others? If I do things to please others, it would end up nowhere. Quite simply, others are not me and I am not others. Does this mean I should end up a self-centred person? I can,but the Christian in me would say, wait a second, Jesus taught you a different lesson, didn't He? Am i in big trouble? 

In many respects we are in living in a trapped society. Sadly the society doesn't understand it and even if it knows it, the society has no answers to the problem to present to us.Will God show us a way out? That's what m;ny religious people would say. Let us not forget that we are the path makers of our life. God gives us the freedom to create our own paths. He values the paths we choose. God provides us with wisdom, He provides with the tools. God would like to see us as the The Way Out people. Happy to cooperate with God?

Bless you.                                     KARIMPINKALA