A TRIBUTE TO MY MUM                         

 My mum passed away on 6th of July 1987. 6th of July is a dy of sorrow in my family. Ironically, it is my sister's birthday as well. I don't know how the 26 years went by just like that. 

My mum came a very religious family. Her father was a bank officer. At some stage of his life, he decided to leave that job to become a missionary for God. And he did. He took second baptism and became a Pentecostal missionary. The challenges in front of him were astounding and for that matter for the whole family. Two of my mother's younger brothers contracted typhoid and were in death bed. Many friends of my grandparents advised them to see a doctor. They refused on the basis that their belief in God and trust in Jesus would not allow them to do it and continued to pray. Sadly, my mum lost both her brothers. I don't blame anyone for this because faith is a challenging thing and we are often at the mercy of it!

My mum was almost a teenager when she got married. In fact she refused to get married on the basis that she would live her life entirely fo God. My dad, when he came to see her(it was an arranged marriage), fell head over heel for her and he did not want to accept 'no' for an answer. I should imagine that their life together was ok in the beginning. With four children and the hardships of Second World War, life started changing for both of them. Dad also had wanted to become a medical missionary before his marriage. He was prepared to go to a medical school. Fate had it, with the same packed bag, he went to another town to train himself for teaching. Thank God, he became one of the best teachers in his institution.I always think, if dad had become a med. missionary, I wouldn't be living on this planet!

Both my parents suffered a lot in bringing us children up. My mum was a sewing teacher for a while but due to family pressures and health issues, she had to leave that job. In spite of the hardsips of life, both my parents were keen to see food on the table and they never failed in this. Praising God.   My mum was a very religious person. She took part in most of the church activities. She also had the rare privilege of serving in different committees of the church and gave leadership in different church activities.   

I always think of my mum as a cheerful person with a beautiful smile on her face( often hiding her own feelings). She was strict with children especially with me, since being the black-sheep of the family(!). Whatever, her tears for me are always in front of me, and her lovely prayers, we children will never forget. Mum, you are with the One you loved most. I am sure we will see you again and have all the fun we had in the past. God bless your soul and dad's as well. 

Your loving  A.